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Ray Cornils, Pedagogy, and Music Education

Ray Cornils 12 Highlights from his work in Maine Ray Cornils, Pedagogy, and Music Education Successful teachers, regardless of their discipline, all have two things in common: they are passionate about teaching and passionate about what they teach. So it is with Ray Cornils, who retires from his 45 year-long music pedagogy career on August 31. His passion for music education begins with his love of the organ and expands with his natural interest in educating musicians. “Growing up, I fell in love with the organ through listening to performances at my church and decided that was what I wanted
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Photos from Orgelfest17

Thank you… …to our performers — Monica Czausz, Richard Elliott, Nathan Avakian, Ray Cornils, and the Kotzschmar Festival Brass: Dana Russian, Betty Rines, John Boden, Nic Orovich, Mark Manduca, and Nancy Smith. Click here to read the concert programs and biographies.   Photos courtesy of Russ Burleigh.   Monica Czausz August 1, 2017 Richard Elliott August 8, 2017 Nathan Avakian August 15, 2017 Ray Cornils and Kotzschmar Festival Brass August 22, 2017
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How Portland got such a big organ

How Portland got such a big organ This Week in Portland History is bringing to light a person or event from the city’s past. “A steady winter wind was blowing that night in January 1908. The temperature was 17 degrees and falling, making it a particularly bad night for City Hall to burn down. But it did, to the ground. It was a total disaster. In the end, there wasn’t much left except a few smoking walls. The total loss was worth $600,000. Unfortunately, the building was only insured for $80,000. The previous City Hall burned in the great fire
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