About the Organ

Kotzschmar Organ ConsoleThe Kotzschmar Organ is one of the grandest and most celebrated pipe organs in the world.

One of only two municipal organs in the U.S., its home is in the historic Merrill Auditorium in the Arts district of Portland, Maine. With incredible power and range, the Kotzschmar offers an annual concert series featuring top guest artists from around the world.

The Kotzschmar is a versatile instrument; a marvel of sound and architecture. The organ repertoire is the largest among any solo musical instrument, mastering musical genres from classical to jazz to rock. Because of this range, the Kotzschmar appeals to every kind of music lover, children to adults and amateur listeners to music experts.

The organ has five keyboards, one pedal board, 305 keys, and more than 7,101 pipes. Its windchest is large enough for approximately 50 people to fit inside even when the organ is being played. The Kotzschmar’s main organ chamber is big enough to hold about six tractor-trailers.

In addition to a roster of ever-changing concert themes and guest performances, a series of annual events featuring the Kotzschmar have gathered a substantial fan following over the years. These include a Halloween silent film accompanied by a thrilling organ soundtrack, a Christmas celebration featuring the Kotzschmar Brass and special guest vocalists, and the annual Bach Birthday Bash in March.

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