Frederick Swann

Frederick L. Swann (born 1931) is a prominent American church and concert organist, recording artist, choral conductor, and former president of the American Guild of Organists (2002–2008). During his career spanning more than a half-century, he has performed on most of the well-known pipe organs in the world and made numerous compact disc recordings. Swann has been called “one of the country’s most distinguished organists”. He is Organist Emeritus of the Crystal Cathedral and the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. During his tenure at the Crystal Cathedral (1982–1998), he was widely regarded as the most visible organist in the world, as millions in every major city in more than 165 countries worldwide saw and heard him on the weekly-televised services.

Swann currently lives in Palm Desert, California, where he is Artist-in-residence at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and University Organist and Artist Teacher of Organ at the University of Redlands.