Mike Foley

Mike Foley was born and raised in Manchester CT. He studied piano for 15 years and essentially taught himself to play theatre organ. He saw his first pipe organ at age 13 and, as he puts it, was never the same thereafter. With friend Tom Felice’s help, he started collecting and selling used organ pipes and parts and by the ripe old’ age of 17, they bought and installed the organ from Hartford’s Colonial Theatre.

In 1968 he teemed up with William Castle Baker to form a “Keyboard Instrument Service” business they called Foley-Baker Enterprises. Within months, and with some professionally designed advertising, business grew to include the care of pianos, harpsichords, electronic keyboards and pipe organs. In 1982, Mike split off all but the pipe organ department to concentrate on building a high quality and nationally recognized pipe organ service business.

Foley-Baker Inc. employs 16 full time technicians who Mike acknowledges are the reason behind the firm’s success. FBI services instruments throughout the Northeast and is regularly engaged in major work throughout America, some of high profile.