Kotzschmar Junior

What is Kotzschmar Junior?

Kotzchmar Junior, or KJ, is FOKO’s demonstration and teaching organ commissioned in 2004. It is an actual working organ, just a smaller more transportable one that is designed to easily go wherever there’s a handicap entrance.

 Quick Facts:

  • Built by David E. Wallace & Co. LLC
  • Two people can move the organ together
  • Is transported in two sections without having to take the organ part, each section weighs about 80 pounds
  • The pipes are protected by plexiglass
  • Is a mechanical action (tracker) organ
  • Has three octaves, one below middle C and two above middle C, 37 notes total
  • 149 pipes
  • 5 stops
  • 27 note pedalboard
  • Can be hand pumped in addition to an electric blower
  • Four ranks are from parts of other older organs as well as the pedalboard and bench (the principals are new)
    • The Stopped Diapason are circa 1850s from George Steven’s Boston shop installed in a church in South Berwick, Maine. In the late 1950s it was almost taken to the dump before Mr. Perkins, a South Berwick resident, saved the pipes and created an organ in his home while storing the other unused pipes.
    • Open Diapasion are from 1867 from the E. & G.G. Hook Company of Boston, installed in the First Parish Church in Gorham, Maine
    • The Clarinet, from 1972, built by Laukhuff Company in Germany for Texas organ builder Otto Hofmann for a church in San Antonio, Texas
    • The pedalboard and bench, built by James Cole Company of Boston in 1899 for the Masonic Temple, in Augusta, Maine and moved several times before ending up in a private residence in Spokane, Washington
    • The keyboard was built by the Cassavant Co. of Montreal, Canada in the 1940s as a replacement manual for an old Aeolian Company console. It was never used, and remained in its packing crate until acquired by Wallace & Co in 1996 and turned out to be the right depth for K Jr and then was shortened to 37 notes
  • Its first educational appointment was on January 28, 2005 at Mt. Ararat Middle School in Topsham, Maine
  • K Jr continues to be transported from place to place in the Kotzschmar 4 Kids program as well as other initiatives
  • The staff of Wallace & Co affectionately named the organ Kotzschmar Junior