From the President — Summer 2017

[one_third] [/one_third] [two_third_last] As we head into another wonderful Maine summer, you are surely making many fun plans. I am suggesting that you keep in mind this simple thought: Kotzschmar Tuesdays in August.

Many world class organs of the world are readily available most of the time for performances. Many of them are located in dedicated venues or in churches. Not so with our Kotzschmar, which is housed in busy Merrill Auditorium. We have to pick and choose our concert dates within Merrill’s availability. But in summer there is a lull, allowing us to spring into action for an eventful August. We start with guest performers the 1st 3 Tuesday evenings. Monica Czausz and Nathan Avakian are world class organists, each under 30 years of age. Come and see what the millennials are up to in the organ world.  Richard Elliott is the Principal Tabernacle Organist from Salt Lake City. He wants to perform on our organ and we are pleased to accommodate him. Come on August 8th and find out why.

If any of you are like me, you were sad to hear that Ray Cornils plans retire at the end of 2017, after 27 years as our municipal organist. Some of you probably wished that you attended more of his concerts. (this was my reaction). So, of course put December 19th on your calendar and purchase tickets early for the final Kotzschmar Christmas with Cornils. But why wait until then? What are you doing on Tuesday evening August 22nd? Come and hear Ray Cornils wrap the Orgelfest, along with the Kotzschmar Festival Brass. Come early to his talk at the rehearsal room and ask him a question.

There is still more. Do you wonder where all the pipes are?  How about the windchest?  Take a docent led tour on Saturday August 12th. No reservations, no tickets – just show up. Check the website for details and time slots.

So now you know why you should commit to memory that one simple thought: Kotzschmar Tuesdays in August (plus one Saturday!). Go ahead and make those summer plans.

Tom Cattell

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