Kotzsch-in-a-Box at Mini Maker Faire

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Mini Maker Faire rolls out hands-on fun projects and a Trashion Fashion Show

Approximately 20 makers, artists, engineers, coders and designers engaged a mostly young crowd on Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Mini Maker Faire, held under a tent in the Amphitheatre of the Camden Public Library.

Courtesy of Boothbay Register

“One of the biggest “puzzles” of the day turned out to be a Kotzsch-in-a-Box, a 133-piece pipe organ that had to be taken apart and reconstructed before it could play. “Elsa Geskus, Education Coordinator of Friends of Kotzschmar Organ, said the pipe organ was hand built and is used in schools as a STEM project. “Today, we probably had this thing taken apart and put back together six times,” she said. “Kids just came up to work it out and when they got stuck, we nudged them in the right direction a little, but some just dug in and started putting it all together without any help.”

Check out our video on Clarissa Brown, a participant, who happens to be an organ player. She began playing a tune on the Kotzsch-in-a-Box once it was all assembled as Geskus pumped the hand bellows.”

-Kay Stephens, Boothbay Register, September 9, 2018

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