Make your gift today!

Make your gift today!

The Annual Fund supports the day-to-day operations of Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ. Your contribution allows us to provide regular maintenance for the instrument, bring great artists to our concert series, administer and expand our education programs, continue our collaborative partnerships with Maine arts organizations, and promote these efforts. Our concert admission only provides 34% of our overall income — your gift is vital to the success and longevity of this magnificent organ.

The Hermann Kotzschmar Society was established June 1, 2009, to help raise awareness of the need for and importance of annual giving and to honor contributions of $1,000 or greater. Members of this group enjoy special recognition as part of their ongoing support.

The following is a list of contribution levels. Please choose the one that is right for you:

    • Windchest      $5,000+
    • Console          $2,500–$4,999
    • Great               $1,000–$2,499
    • Swell               $500–$999
    • Pedal               $100–$499
    • Piston              $25–$99

Other opportunities for giving include business partnerships, concert sponsorship, and in-kind gifts. For further information please contact us.