Orgelfest17 infuses Kotzschmar

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Orgelfest17 infuses Kotzschmar with youthful energy

Guest musicians take turns, along with Ray Cornils, on the mighty organ in the summer series at Merrill Auditorium.

The Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ begin their annual summer concert series Orgelfest17 this week and continue with performances most Tuesday nights in August. This is the final season of municipal organist Ray Cornils’ 27-year tenure at the helm of the city-owned Kotzschmar Organ, which is built into Merrill Auditorium…

…Cornils is pleased that Orgelfest introduces the instrument to people who learn to appreciate and support it.

“We are now attracting world-class organists to the city and this instrument, which once again speaks with its original beauty and brilliance. We have made huge strides in bringing the pipe organ and its awareness to people of all ages, but especially children with our in-school curricula and concerts,” he said.

Portland Press Herald