Ray Cornils last summer concert on Kotzschmar Organ

Organist Ray Cornils ready for last official summer concert on Kotzschmar Organ

Others scheduled to perform this summer at Orgelfest 17 include Monica Czausz, Nathan Avakian and Mormon Tabernacle organist Richard Elliott.

“As Portland’s municipal organist for the last 27 years, Ray Cornils has taught thousands of people about the power of the mighty Kotzschmar Organ.

He’s demonstrated the incredible range of its 7,101 pipes by playing it, and he’s explored its 105-year-history hundreds of times through pre-concert lectures and with periodic organ tours.

But the whole time Cornils was teaching Mainers about their treasured Kotzschmar Organ, the impressive instrument has been teaching him. He hopes to show what’s he learned Aug. 22 when he performs his last summer concert on the Kotzschmar before retiring. Cornils’ performance will be the finale of Orgelfest17, the annual concert series featuring organists from all over the country taking their turns on the Kotzschmar.”

Ray Routhier, Portland Press Herald