Rules and Requirements 

The Kotzschmar Memorial Trust Scholarship was established in 1911 to “aid in the musical education of such pupil or pupils, of marked ability…”

Important Dates & Deadlines

Intent to Apply:  Friday, April 30, 2021, by 6:00PM

Submitted Scholarship Application: Friday, May 7, 2021, 11:59PM (time stamps will be noted)

Please call 207.553.4363 or email with any questions.


Any student of the organ, piano, orchestral instrument, or voice who lives in one of the following Maine counties: Cumberland, York, Oxford, Sagadahoc or Androscoggin, and who is between the ages of 10-25. We will create three judging groups to include: pre-high school, high school and college/graduate applicants.

Application Procedure

This year’s process is in two steps.

Step 1: Please email with your intent to apply for the scholarship no later than 6:00 PM on Friday, April 30th. We will create a DropBox folder for your private use, and share all log-in credentials within two business days of receiving your intention to apply.

Step 2: A completed Scholarship Application (either online or printed) and all other required materials must be uploaded to your DropBox folder by Friday, May 7th at 11:59 PM. If you are mailing in any materials – everything must be received by the May 7, 2021 deadline. No exceptions will be made.

Application Requirements

All applicants must make sure the following information is uploaded to their assigned DropBox folder by the May 7th deadline (time stamps will be recorded):

  1. A completed application form. If you apply online, our office will receive the information and upload it to your folder. If you plan to apply via a handwritten form, you must scan it and upload the PDF to your DropBox folder. (Contact our office if this presents any concerns.) If you plan to mail it with your payment – it must be received by the May 7th deadline.
  2. Your audition video file(s).
  3. Your letter of recommendation from your private instructor, school music teacher or music society member. (If your selected person would rather send the file to our office by email, or by mail P.O. Box 7455, Portland, ME 04112, it must be received by the May 7th deadline.)
  4. A copy of the score of each selection.

Applicants should submit three selections drawn from standard solo repertoire. They should represent contrasting musical styles. Performance of the entire composition in multi-movement works is not required; however, an entire movement must be presented. The total performance should be no more than 12 minutes in length. Voice applicants should submit at least three works and should include at least two languages.

  1. A digital video file or files, totaling no more than 12 minutes, of the student performing their repertoire must be uploaded. These files cannot contain edits within any individual performance, only in the transitions from one piece to the next if one file is being submitted. Acceptable file types: mp4 and .mov. The student must be shown, at all times, in the video. The file name(s) should include the student’s last name and composer’s name(s).
  2. A letter of recommendation from the student’s private instructor, school music teacher, or from any member of a music society within the greater Portland area. This letter can be uploaded by the student to their assigned DropBox folder, or sent directly to the Kotzschmar Organ office (P.O. Box 7455, Portland, ME 04112) or via email, but must be received by the May 7, 2021 deadline. Email to The student’s name must be in the file name of any digital file.
  3. Participants must provide their own accompanists. An applicant’s private music instructor may not accompany the applicant.
  4. A question regarding list of solo repertoire of works studied and/or performed during the past year is included on the application form and must be filled out.
  5. A non-refundable application fee of $20.00 to be paid electronically through the designated portal on the Application page. If online payment poses a difficulty, please contact the office about making a payment via check or money order mailed to the FOKO office. Payment must be received by the deadline to be considered in the selection process.


All application materials must be received no later than 11:59PM on Friday, May 7th, 2021. No exceptions will be made.


Up to $3,000 will be shared among the applicants chosen by the Scholarship Awards Committee based on the following criteria: Musicianship, age-appropriate technical skill level, musicality and deportment. The amount of the award(s) and the number of recipients selected will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Awards Committee. The judges may reserve the right not to award a prize in a category. Decisions of the Scholarship Awards Committee are final. Announcement of awards will be made by Friday, June 25, 2021.

Scholarship Awards Committee

The Scholarship Awards Committee will consist of prominent musicians selected from one or more of the music organizations established in the Greater Portland area.

Online Application

Scholarship Information and Dates

Scholarship Application (online and PDF for printing)

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