Where is K. Jr.?

[one_third] [/one_third] [two_third_last] FOKO is very proud to include a portable, playable pipe organ as part of our education and outreach programs. Affectionately known as “Kotzschmar Jr.” (or K. Jr., for short) this remarkable instrument was built by David E. Wallace & Co. of Gorham, Maine. K. Jr. travels to classrooms throughout Maine and beyond as part of FOKO’s education curriculum, giving students and adults alike the opportunity to see how an organ functions as it is played.

Recently, K. Jr. took its longest road trip to date, traveling all the way from Portland, Maine to Round Lake, New York. Round Lake is home to an historic pipe organ that was recently designated as a national historic landmark – the first pipe organ, and indeed the first object, to receive such distinction. Ray Cornils, Education Coordinator Elsa Geskus, David Wallace and his son Nick traveled with K. Jr. to Round Lake to be a part of the celebration. In addition to a concert by Ray Cornils, the children of Round Lake got to enjoy taking part in some of the educational activities that are a part of FOKO’s “Kotzschmar 4 Kids” program and also got a chance to play K. Jr. Who knows, in a few years, they might be on the organ bench at Round Lake, or even here in Portland!

K. Jr. will be visiting other locations this summer – including the Maine Mall in August and Victoria Mansion in September – so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website to find out: “Where is K. Jr.?”


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