Board of Directors

President’s Welcome Message

Welcoming all of you who are interested in the Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ (FOKO) is truly a pleasure. We’re so glad that our efforts to promote “The People’s Organ” to the people of Portland and beyond are resulting in growing numbers of you attending performances of the best-kept secret in Portland. Please bring family and friends!

It’s my honor to serve as president of FOKO. Our Board of Directors have individually and collectively worked diligently to make your experiences enjoyable, starting with this new website and ending by inviting you to have fun at our concerts.

Our concerts and events include classical and popular music, as well as guest organists and collaborations with other groups. We hope to see you at one of our on-stage programs, such as “Backstage Pipes,” where you’ll have the opportunity to personally interact with municipal organist James Kennerley and learn the intricacies behind the organ’s operation. And, of course, the experience of feeling the music in person played on “the Mighty Kotzschmar” is not to be missed.

Sincerely yours,
Harper Lee Collins, President
Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ


Harper Lee Collins – President

Robert B. Stoddard– Vice President

Chris Bray - Treasurer

Peter Plumb – Clerk

Mark Anderson

John Bishop

Sharon Bradbury

Michelle DiSotto

John Fossett

Peter Haynes

David Kirstein †

Bruce Lockwood †

Heather Noyes

Laurence Rubinstein †

Harold Stover †

Denise Vachon

Dorothy VanDine

David E. Wallace

† = Past President

Mike Foley

Kathleen Grammer

Talcott l. (Roy) Ingraham

Albert A. Melton

Nick Wallace

John Wilcox

Nancy Wines-DeWan