Kotzschmar Memorial Trust Scholarship

Mary Ann Kotzschmar established the Kotzschmar Memorial Trust Fund after the death of her husband, Hermann Kotzschmar, in 1908. The legal documents establishing the trust were dated November 28, 1911. The fund, at its inception, was valued at $4,781.02. After being left 25 years to accumulate, the fund began its annual use as stated in trust guidelines, “to aid in the musical education of such pupil or pupils, of marked musical ability… [with] preference being given in such selection of beneficiaries to a promising pupil of the organ, the instrument through which Mr. Hermann Kotzschmar’s genius found its finest expression; in case no such promising pupil of the organ is found, the income may be used in aid of students of marked ability of the piano, violin, other musical instruments or voice culture.” Help support this wonderful tradition by making a donation today!

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Recent winners include: