Robert Waters

Bob Waters holds a degree in music from Wichita State University, and a Masters Degree in Organ Performance from the University of Michigan.

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Robert Faucher

President and Artistic Director
Faucher Organ Company

In 1979, he was awarded the title of Journeyman Organbuilder by the American Institute of Organbuilders.

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Burt Witham

Burt Witham was born in 1900 in Westbrook, Maine, the son of a local doctor. During high school he worked as the night operator of the local telephone exchange and slept on a cot in between answering calls. Rudy Valle, a classmate of Burt’s, would often visit at the telephone office and the two friends would read French novels to pass the time.

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David Wallace

President, Wallace & Company

David E. Wallace, MSBA, apprenticed as an organ builder with Andover Organ Company, Inc. of Methuen.

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Mike Foley

President, Foley-Baker Inc.

Mike saw his first pipe organ at age 13 and, as he puts it, was never the same thereafter.

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