E X P L O R E . . .

Education and community outreach is ongoing with many programs for all members of our community. The Kotzschmar Organ is the people’s pipe organ and is one of Portland’s hidden gems. Our hope is that Kotzschmar becomes a household word in homes in and around the greater Portland area and that people have a sense of ownership for this unique and wonderful instrument. Learn more about our education programs for all ages.

Family & Youth Concerts

Meet the King of Instruments

Annual Youth Concert for grades 3-6 at Merrill Auditorium. This interactive program, explores the sounds, history, physics and music of the Kotzschmar through a variety of musical styles. Teacher packets with activities and lessons based on the Learning Standards are sent in advance of the concert. Tours of the Kotzschmar are available following the show.

Kids, Kartoons & Kotzschmar, a family concert

Annual Family Concert featuring familiar tunes, an artist drawing to music and vintage, “silent” cartoons that come to life with live organ improvisation. Complete with pre-concert activities and post-concert walks through the Kotzschmar. An event not to be missed!

Silent Films

“Silent” films were never silent. In the early 20th century, before the technology was available for recorded sound, there was always some type of musical accompaniment ranging from a piano to theatre organ or a full orchestra. The Kotzschmar Organ is an impressive vehicle to support the film-maker’s craft. Experience the nation’s finest organists improvising entire movies’ musical scores on the mighty Kotzschmar. Cheering the heroes, booing the villains and gales of laughter are strongly encouraged!