Live from Merrill Auditorium

DateSat, Jun 15, 2024
Time12:00 AM

Join James Kennerley, Portland’s Eleventh Municipal Organist, for a performance of music composed by the High Priest of the organ: Johann Sebastian Bach. Born on March 21, 1685, Bach was renowned during his lifetime as a “world-class organist” – more famous for his virtuosic organ playing than for his compositions. Bach’s organ music has captured the minds of performers and audiences for generations ever since. This concert includes works based on Bach’s name (BACH spells the musical notes B♭-A-C-B♮) by Johannes Brahms and Franz Liszt as well as masterworks by Bach himself, including the powerful Prelude and Fugue in B Minor, and selections from the “Great Eighteen” Leipzig chorale preludes.

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